We are a group of professionals with more than twenty years of experience in the social and business field. Our origin stems from the desire to join efforts, innovate and modulate individual and collective interests to be more efficient and achieve more just and egalitarian societies.

  • Our goal is to create social innovation processes to help companies and institutions in their global effort to achieve social and economic impacts.
  • We are a company convinced that we are moving towards a world where all development actors have to collaborate to promote the sustainability of the planet, that any type of organization (companies, public administrations and non-profit entities) must incorporate values and principles that help the development of just and sustainable societies over time.
  • We have to make compatible the generation of wealth with the achievement of rights, empowerment of citizens and entities to build democratic, participatory and plural societies, and support administrations to lead the policies of the common good.

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Marta Macias Quesada
Founding partner
Lawyer and social communicator. Human rights advocate. Expert in development, gender and cooperation clusters. Extensive professional experience in business management and development cooperation. Developer and promoter of the gender and human-rights-based approach.

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Emili Cardiel Herrera
Founding partner
Jurist, Emili specializes in NGOs management and international cooperation. With over 20 years’ experience, in the last 14 years he worked in the Fundación Ayuda en Acción, in the co-funding, programs and branch coordination departments. He has been actively involved in second-level organizations

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Esther Pino Jiménez
Founding partner
Esther is a linguist and has a Master’s degree in Women Studies and Gender Equality Policies. She’s an expert in Human Rights, cooperation, gender and political impact. She has been in charge of promoting the inclusion of the gender and human rights perspectives, and she led communication forums between Spain and Latin America concerning the gender and education impact agendas.

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Ana María García Fernández
Responsible in Galicia
Law Degree and Master in Equality. Expert in Gender and Development and NGO Management, with more than 15 years of experience in International Cooperation from a gender perspective. Field experience in countries such as Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico and Mozambique.

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José Manuel Pérez Otero
Diploma in Labor Relations, Master in HR, Master in Management of Non-Profit Organizations.

Extensive experience in People Management in the private sector. For 8 years, head of the Delegation of Aid in Action for Galicia Asturias. It is part of several civil society organizations in the field of Development Cooperation.


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