Coeducation Projects where educational action promotes equal treatment and effective equality in opportunities for access and enjoyment of training and its recognition. Values indistinctly the contribution of men and women to society in equal rights, without stereotypes or discrimination.

We promote the creation and strengthening of alliances between educational centers through new ways of collaborating based on collective interest, through spaces for co-creation, co-thinking and co-leadership. Shared experiences and projects that add up a common benefit.


  • Support to educational centers through coeducational projects, as well as training programs in coeducational values for teachers and other educational agents, inside or outside the school community.
  • Design of training programs and monographic courses for monitors and responsible for free time and extracurricular activities.
  • Support to associations of fathers and mothers in the participation of families in the coeducation of their sons and daughters.
  • Incorporation of coeducation at all levels and modalities of the education system.
  • Support in the application of the criteria of coeducation in values, solidarity, inclusion, social cohesion and fight against inequalities with the aim of training people committed to society and promoting equality between men and women.