Strategies and projects of Social Responsibility in favor of gender equality and the sustainability of the planet. Projects coherent and cohesive with the operational and commercial strategy of the company.


  • Gender equality. We propose projects that overcome the neutrality of policies in terms of gender, and therefore that take into account the social, cultural and economic differences between men and women.

Our projects generate new opportunities and prevent us from maintaining discrimination based on sex and gender.

  • Climate change. We propose projects where measures against climate change respond to environmental concerns as well as economic issues, human security and human rights with a gender perspective.


  • Integrate the gender vision in the internal and external structure of the company.
  • Promote the gender vision in all the communication channels of the company.
  • Promote business interest, while contributing to reducing environmental degradation and promoting socioeconomic resilience through participation in programs that support women.
  • Integrate environmentally sound and gender-sensitive business practices into their core operations.
  • Promote initiatives that create employment opportunities for women and men in local economies that also support the mitigation of climate change and promote environmentally conscious value chains.
  • Promote new alliances with different actors and research projects.