Our projects strengthen institutional leadership by facilitating processes that incorporate gender equality so that they are part of the social transformation. Our proposals favor social dialogue and institutional commitment in front of citizens.


  • It involves applying novel, practical, sustainable and market approaches that achieve positive social or environmental changes with an emphasis on the most vulnerable populations.
  • It incorporates all citizens into social progress, giving equal opportunities to men and women, favoring the power of action, voice and participation of different sectors.
  • It impacts the socio-economic disadvantages of the population and against stereotypes, stigmas and violence.


  • New ideas (products, services, instruments) to meet the specific needs of the local administration.
  • Promote new spaces for dialogue among women with common interests to promote equalitarian policies.
  • Promote instruments that promote gender equality in the different levels of public administration.
  • Training and education in gender equality.
  • Cooperative initiatives through the creation of alliances between organizations from different sectors and different spheres of society.
  • Harmonization and coherence of different public policies.
  • Transversality of the gender approach in all policies, plans and public actions.
  • The perspective of gender in the local and regional media.