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Coop4Equality promotes the solidarity Project of the NGO SÓLIDA, whose main goal is the fulfilment of the rights of girls, women and communities from the South through the launch of education and empowerment programs with a gender approach.

In Central America, Sólida collaborates with the Instituto de Liderazgo de las Segovias (ILLS) of Nicaragua, a leading education organization in the Central American area.

Among the various ways of collaborating with their education and social action programs, we want to highlight the Scholarship and the Volunteering programs

The Scholarship Program supports girls in rural areas by funding the cost of their schooling, both of Secondary school and technical and university studies. At the same time, the program contributes to the social, economic and environmental development of the communities, with the engagement of their young.

The Volunteering Program focuses mainly on community education and action.

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