Esther Pino Jiménez

Esther is a linguist and has a Master’s degree in Women Studies and Gender Equality Policies. She’s an expert in Human Rights, cooperation, gender and political impact. She has been in charge of promoting the inclusion of the gender and human rights perspectives, and she led communication forums between Spain and Latin America concerning the gender and education impact agendas.

Currently, she works as a strategic consultant and Responsible in Madrid of Coop4equality, Social Innovation Projects in favor of development and gender equality.

She developed her professional experience in civilian organizations such as Amnesty International, Ayuda en Acción and Médicos del Mundo (Doctors of the World). During 14 years she was Awareness and Cooperation Policies Director in the Fundación Ayuda en Acción, where she started the department and also developed the political impact and education for development strategies. She led several planning and strategic assessment processes in the Foundation, to which she gave the gender and human rights approaches.

She was the gender spokesperson in the governing board of the Spanish NGO’s Coordinating Association and the president of the Gender Division in the Cooperation Board of the Secretary of State of International Cooperation. During this period, she underwent an intensive work in the field of public policies, by representing the sector in civil society communication forums and also in international forums like Busan and CSW. She took an active part in other communication forums between the feminist movement, women’s organizations, cooperation organizations, international entities like UN-Women, CEPAL or PNUD, and the Spanish Cooperation concerning the Aid’s Efficiency Agenda.

Main milestones achieved:

  • Creation and development of the Awareness and Cooperation Policies Department in the Fundación Ayuda en Acción.
  • Leader and participation in the design of impact strategies in Ayuda en Acción, and coordinator of ONGD-España.
  • The promoter of the Latin America for Education Campaign.
  • Design and coordination of the campaign Move for Equality. It’s only fair, with implementation in Spain and the participation of organizations in Bolivia and Mexico.
  • Follow-up and assessment of public policies of Spanish and European cooperation with regard to gender and human rights.
  • Development of indicators to include the gender and human rights approaches to cooperation projects.
  • Formulation of gender, education, food safety and risk management projects in several countries, with the inclusion of the gender, human rights and multiculturality approaches.
  • The promoter of design, planning and assessment forums of institutional campaigns in a participatory manner by involving people, social groups and institutions from both Spain and partner countries in Latin America.