We accompany companies to integrate social responsibility into their company strategy and respond to the demands of their stakeholders.

We help organizations put value into their commitment to sustainability and transparency, improving accountability and communication strategy.


  • Co-responsibility with the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS) and the United Nations Agenda 2030.
  • Instrument of HR management and improvement of the functioning of the teams.
  • Increase the reputation and image of the company.
  • Choose to call for contracts with the public administration, grants and subsidies.


The business social window

The business sector as a social economic engine contributes to the balance and distribution of welfare. Many companies assume the role of active development agents, with actions that directly benefit their stakeholders through social projects.

Coop4eQuality offers guidance to companies in the creation of a social window that is consistent with their values and commercial strategy, a project that is perceived by citizens through actions that cause deep, sustainable impacts and are adjusted to specific realities of people.

What we offer:

The company gender window

Equality between men and women contributes in various ways to economic growth. The full participation of women in the economic scenario is fundamental to building healthy and sustainable economies.

Coop4eQuality offers guidance to companies that want to position themselves in favor of gender equality by effectively incorporating measures and actions that improve equality between men and women, both within and outside the company.

In addition to the development and implementation of Equity Plans, Coop4eQuality offers the company to show its role of leadership in the promotion and drive of gender equality.

What we offer:

Other services:

  • Identification and strengthening of the staff’s relationship with the company.
  • Corporate volunteer programs.
  • Developing and assessing the systems of measurement and control of responsible indicators of the company.
  • Support to the management of calls for projects and grants.
  • Preparation and implementation of social and development cooperation projects.