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Coop4eQuality advises public and private entities proposing social innovation projects with the aim of promoting and promoting sustainable social changes and transformations over time. We incorporate cross-cutting and integrated approaches to gender, interculturality and human rights, and address climate change as a cross-cutting global issue.

Climate change is a threat to world peace, security and prosperity. Climate change requires scientific research and innovation, but it is also imperative for security, economic development and human rights. In all these areas, women are affected in a unique way and, in some cases, disproportionately affected by the consequences of climate change. It is important to take into account the experiences and aspirations of women in diverse contexts when formulating solutions to address climate change.

Policies that claim to be gender neutral are in themselves discriminatory because they do not take into account the different ways in which men and women experience the effects of climate change and how they adapt.

Our projects foster capacity building, foster alliances and partnerships through efforts that are responsive to women’s needs and experiences, focus on projects that create employment opportunities for women, or projects that enhance women’s ability to fight The effects of climate change.

This methodology involves

  • Including diversity and difference.
  • Creating more participatory and democratic processes.
  • Incorporating gender equality, social inclusion, environmental sustainability and territoriality.
  • Addressing climate change in a transversal and global way
  • Applying intersectionality to intervention strategies, in order to make them more adequate and effective with the social diversity of the reality where they intend to make a difference.
  • Advancing human rights.
  • Generating new challenges and opportunities.
  • Achieving more productive, equitable and sustainable organizations.
  • Identifying and strengthening the link between the organization and its members.
  • Increasing the valuation by third parties and the general public.
  • Internally grouping together in regards to heterogeneous groups.
  • Empowering and leveraging all the talent in favor of the organizational goals.

Products and services

  • Diagnosis of the level of inclusion of the approaches and proposed measures.
  • Development of strategic and work plans.
  • Guidance for including the three approaches in an integrated way.
  • Development of indicators, plans and cooperation projects.
  • Assessment and monitoring of cooperation plans and projects (ex-ante, intermediate, final, and impact).
  • Training to access public and private calls.
  • Incorporation of the triple focus in all phases of the project.
  • Training and qualification.
  • Communication plans.
  • Preparation of plans of public policies of cooperation.
  • Plans for internal and external coherence, harmonization of the different international cooperation policies.
  • Content and design of awareness campaigns and advocacy.
  • Counseling and continuous support through a retainer service (monthly fixed price).