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Coop4eQuality collaborates with governments, international organizations, private companies and social entities by designing projects and specific actions that promote gender equality and human development.

We offer our support by establishing capacities and specific measures in order to advance human development and full equality between women and men in all areas of society.


Municipalities for equality

Coop4eQuality introduces a global proposal, from the municipality and in favor of gender equality, in an innovative and participatory project.

Municipality for equality is a transversal project, with a gender integrated approach and a holistic vision of human rights that encompasses all sectors and areas, with the aim that municipalities become the first territorial spaces free of inequalities.

The project promotes equal opportunities, equal access to opportunities and equal results.

We incorporate the 2030 Agenda, specifically its objectives 5,10, and 11. We strengthen municipal leadership in favor of gender equality, a more active participation of the social and economic actors of the municipality, and a greater appropriation of women’s human rights by all citizens.

What we offer:

Non-sexist language style guide

The path to equality consists of a set of measures that are both interrelated and complementary. Language is not neutral, and its sexist use increases and perpetuates inequality. An inclusive and integrative language places women on an equal footing with men, providing and encouraging equality in opportunities and access to these opportunities.

We are not referring to measures to help achieve gender equality. We are referring to avoiding measures and behaviors that increase and perpetuate situations in which women’s rights are systematically violated.

What we offer: 

Public policies with a gender approach

To further explore the gender policies represents mainstreaming the gender approach in the public regulations and policies, and at the same time, its gradual incorporation allows us to reach the area of public planning and management of the different territorial spaces.

Beyond the elaboration and execution of equality plans, we propose to move forward with policies that incorporate the gender perspective.

What we offer:

The company gender window

Equality between men and women contributes in various ways to economic growth. The full participation of women in the economic scenario is fundamental to building healthy and sustainable economies.

Coop4eQuality offers guidance to companies that want to position themselves in favor of gender equality by effectively incorporating measures and actions that improve equality between men and women, both within and outside the company.

In addition to the development and implementation of Equity Plans, Coop4eQuality offers the company to show its role of leadership in the promotion and drive of gender equality.

What we offer: