Sara Cuentas Ramírez

Sara is a journalist and researcher of the feminist decolonial analysis. She is an expert in gender, intersectionality and human rights, and also the author of the “Intersectional Analysis for Change” methodology, focused on reinforcing physical, economic and political autonomy, the emotional and social wellbeing, and life’s sustainability.
She developed her career in public organizations in Latin America as a gender expert, promoting educational processes and counseling in political strategies and analytical positioning.
She devoted over 13 years to the international cooperation sector, where she developed assessments, research, strategies and development programs in different settings, with excluded and impoverished population groups, with a gender and human rights approach.
Furthermore, she developed participative research, with a feminist decolonial analysis, with indigenous women and with an emphasis on sexual and reproductive rights, which was an essential tool for the political impact in justice and reparation processes.
She’s a copywriter and collaborator at El País-Planeta Futuro, copywriter at La Independent-News Agency with a Gender Perspective. She published several publications with a feminist perspective, being the most recent La verdad está en nuestros cuerpos. Secuelas de una opresión reproductiva, about sexual and reproductive rights.

Main milestones achieved:

  • Author of an intersectional analysis methodology applied to development programs and research processes about women’s human rights.
  • Counselor to several NGOs to drive the inclusion of the gender and human rights approach in their strategies of education for development and cooperation.
  • Developing and implementing communication strategies with a gender approach in International Conferences organized by the Interamerican Women’s Committee (OEA).
  • Developing and implementing communication strategies with a gender approach for the Asia Pacific Women and Economy Forum, addressed to women entrepreneurs from 21 countries in the Asia Pacific region.