Virginia Carreras

Virginia Carreras, graduated on Business Degree and Hospitality Management, with more than 14 years of dedication managing hotels, nationally and internationally.

After that, she further developed her professional skills and amplify her studies with a Gender Equality postgraduate.

Professional experience overseen teams with diversity, especially talking about gender, age and nationality. At the same time, taking care of the social responsibility actions such as donations to Cruz Roja or AECC, employee volunteer at feeding centre, or reducing food waste.

When she experienced maternity, considering this situation, she became aware of al the deficits that exist in our society regarding to gender equality and all the way we still have to go through. Because of that, she started a career transition with the proposal of working as a Gender Equality Consultant.

In favour of women empowerment and teamwork, she is a member of the association ADE Vallès to highlight and promote female entrepreneurship, leadership and talent.