We design communication plans for our clients from an inclusive and egalitarian point of view, aiming to achieve the 9 and 16 Objectives of the SDO, to promote the universal access to information, and the creation of peaceful and inclusive societies, by granting public access to information and defending fundamental liberties.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients in their communication strategy, trying to find a balance between their interest groups, and in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Objectives and accountability.

 What we offer:

  • Communication plans with a gender vision.
  • Counselling in the integration of the gender perspective in media.
  • Audiovisual services and resources to support communication campaigns.


We develop cooperation and gender equality training programs. We aim at personal development by reinforcing capabilities and empowerment.
We train individuals for their personal fulfilment and their better contribution to the exercise of their tasks.

What we offer:

  • Training and education in development cooperation with a gender perspective.
  • Training in gender equality.
  • Training in social responsibility: strategy, implementation, culture and reputation.

Both in the areas of communication and training, we aim at institutions, businesses and organizations.