“The 2030 Agenda forces us to transcend national borders and short-term interests in order to act with short-term solidarity. We can no longer afford to think and work in an isolate way.”

Ban Ki-moon, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations


We work alongside institutions and organizations in the creation and leadership of a cluster, taken as the cooperation mechanism between actors that work in the same field or in complementary fields, coordinated in order to achieve a common goal.

Once the violated rights and the consequences of this violation have been identified, we suggest ways and work disciplines based on engagement and consensus. We propose common and coordinated work based on the specificity of the different actors and agents, in order to address the structural causes of inequality and its effects.

Clusters have five positive effects:

  • Increasing the impact of the work done by the cluster members.
  • Driving innovation within the sector.
  • Encouraging new initiatives.
  • Cutting down the opportunistic behaviors.
  • Increasing the pressure of coordination between actors.

Clusters are the tool meant to facilitate the innovating work, to reap the potential of all actors involved, and to lump up shared and consensual strategies. Clusters must get beyond incoherence among the different strategies, and social and/or cooperation policies, thus facilitating the creation of indicators and common goals with a transversal view, and the collaboration between the different actors. Furthermore, a cluster must provide consensus in the decision making and planning of common actions: to work in a cluster must mean a more rational use of resources.

Expertise, trust and coordination are essential for an efficient cooperation; a cluster implies the use of a human rights-based approach methodology, avoiding any unsustainable individual or sectorial work.

Our proposal will be there to help harmonize the different policies and social and/or cooperation policies between the different actors, and to set forth a common effort for the benefit of the community. Focusing on the human rights-based approach with a gender perspective we will be able to generate a project that aligns the goals in search of common outcomes.